Stone pelting is like crushing stones with eggs, says anti-AFSPA crusader Irom Sharmila

Irom Sharmila, who is known as the ‘Iron Lady of Manipur’ for her 16 year long fast against AFSPA, during her maiden visit to Kashmir has said that stone pelting is like ‘using eggs to crush stones’, reported the Outlook.

She also advised the youth in the Valley to resort to non-violent demonstrations, saying they could prove to be better ways of protests to resist the powerful.

“Pelting of stones is just using eggs to smash stones. It is an egg-versus-stone fight. That will result in more violence, hatred and degradation,” said said Sharmila.

“The people are not afraid anymore; they are very angry. They haven’t found a more effective way to challenge the system. They don’t care what happens to them. They are so angry. They are fed up with talking now.”

All the same, such “non-violent methods of struggle are strong”, she added, recalling how common Indians stood against the powerful British and freed their country from two centuries of imperial rule.

Sharmila expressed surprise over the ‘overwhelming support’ from the Mehbooba Mufti government for the revocation of the AFSPA, which has for long received criticism from human rights advocates. “I find that your chief minister and the police heads here against the AFSPA. That is contrary to (the stand of the) Manipur CM,” she said.

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