‘Denial in India about disputed nature of Kashmir, right to self determination only worsens situation’

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Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Saturday reiterated that people of the disputed region of Kashmir are pursuing the right to self-determination as promised to them by the international community however they are facing continuous denial from India which claims to be the largest democracy of the world.

“It is unfortunate that political leadership continuously believes and practices deceptive politics about Kashmir affecting not only the Kashmiri people but peace and security of the whole region.”

Spokesperson JKDFP said in a statement that New Delhi is continuously practising the policy of “obduracy” and it does not try to read the writing on the wall. Ironically, the pro-India politicians of the disputed region are also not having such guts to show New Delhi its right place.

These power thirsty people only want to prolong and strengthen their power by hook or by crook.

New Delhi and its local agents must not forget the fact that people of Jammu Kashmir have rendered priceless sacrifices for their acclaimed political rights. So the continuous denial mode on their part will only aggravate the situation because people of Jammu Kashmir will never surrender their rights come what may.

It is better to listen to the political demands of the people of Jammu Kashmir and accept the reality that the political dispute of Kashmir cannot be resolved by economic means and measures rather it needs political steps to address it. Neither Indian political leadership nor its local breed can make Kashmiri people give up their just struggle for freedom.

Expressing deep concern over worst kind of human rights violations in Kashmir, JKDFP spokesperson said that unabated killings and brutalities by government forces can only worsen the situation.

In his appeal to UNO, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Red Cross and other international organisations for human rights, the JKDFP spokesperson urged to take cognizance of rights violations in the disputed region of Jammu Kashmir.


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