If US, North Korea can return from brink of nuclear war, no reason why India, Pak cannot do the same, says Shahbaz Sharif

President of the Pakistan’s ruling party PML-N, Shahbaz Sharif has suggested that India and Pakistan should follow the footsteps of United States and North Korea and resume peace talks, reported the Dawn.

In a series of tweets, Shahbaz, who is the brother of ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stressed that if North Korea and US can come back from the brink of a nuclear war, there is no reason why India and Pakistan cannot do the same.

“Singapore Summit between the US and North Korea should set a good precedent for Pakistan and India to follow. Ever since the start of Korean War, the two nations have been at odds with one another — both threatening to use military force with their nuclear arsenals facing each other,” Shahbaz said in a tweet on Tuesday.

He further added in another tweet:

He also added that talks should resume so that the long pending issue of Kashmir could be resolved.

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