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India in top ten list of highest contributors at United Nations since 2000

The UN stand on Kashmir, regardless of India’s fiscal contribution has deemed itself to act as an independent body working for peace and harmony of all nations.

In 2015-2016, India’s contribution to the United Nations had risen to 244 crore, amounting to 55%, the government had revealed in 2017.

In a UN report given by Forbes, India was in the top ten list of highest contributors since 2000, and entered second place in 2015, providing goods and services worth $1.28 billion.

Sushma Swaraj, India’s External Affairs Minister, in a Hindustan Times report stated to the Lok Sabha, “for the period 2016-18, India’s Scale of Assessment for the UN’s Regular and Peacekeeping budgets has been fixed at 0.737% and 0.1474%, respectively.”

Graphic Courtesy: Forbes.

She further explained that the contribution to the organisation came with the question of the nation’s ‘capacity to pay’, defined through Gross National Income Relative, Global Gross National Income, level of national external debt and low per capita income.

Recently, a 49 page UN report was published underlining the atrocities and human rights violations committed on Kashmiri soil, leading India to protest against the verdict, calling it ‘fallacious, tendentious and motivated’.

The recent outrage of the report has placed UN on a pedestal unable to be reached by the most powerful nations of the world, bringing hope and faith into the organization.


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