Delhi did the same with Muftis what it did to Sheikh Abdullah, says Rashid

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Says all cosmetic measures are bound to fail

End of PDP, BJP alliance is a victory of Kashmiris

Claiming that end of PDP BJP alliance has exposed New Delhi’s failures and its flawed policies, Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Rashid has said that unless New Delhi doesn’t delink governance with the larger political issue all cosmetic measures are going to fail.

Rashid said, “BJP has made PDP a scapegoat for more than one reasons, and while on one hand the party proposes to gain sympathies in rest of India by claiming to have preferred so-called national interest over party interest but on the other side New Delhi has been facing huge embarrassments at national and international levels for its failures in Jammu and Kashmir.”

“Whosoever rules Jammu & Kashmir, it makes a very little difference unless New Delhi doesn’t stop seeing Kashmir from the law and order perspective and nothing is going to change. Time has proved that from ceasefire to talk offer everything has failed,” Rashid said.

Rashid added that BJP may give ample reasons to justify its decision but the fact is that from New Delhi to Srinagar both governments have failed to suppress the people’s movement and the end of the collation is a victory of all those forces especially Kashmiris who want the J&K dispute to be resolved once for all.

He said, “What Delhi did to late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, it did same with Mehbooba Mufti and her father. The disastrous end of the alliance has proven that J&K issue is not about packages or a problem of a section of society or a region but a problem existing since 1947 and unless Kashmiris are not given the right to self-determination stability and peace will always be like a distant dream.

Rashid added that Mehbooba Mufti must apologize to Kashmiris for the shameful justifications she used to give to defend the alliance with the BJP and whatsoever she may speak now has no takers.

Rashid added that international community should realize the fact that New Delhi is facing a huge resistance in Jammu & Kashmir and must come to the rescue of Kashmiris who were always at the mercy of men in uniform, irrespective of the fact who used to rule the state.


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