Karra claims some PDP legislators planning to forge an ‘unholy alliance’ with BJP

Congress leader Tariq Hameed Karra on Tuesday claimed that some members of the Peoples Democratic Party are planning to forge an ‘unholy alliance’ with the BJP in lieu of huge monetary benefits.

Karra, who was formerly associated with the PDP, said that as predicted by him “PDP is bound to fall apart like a pack of cards.”

He claimed that the game plan would be to hold a separate legislature party meeting and dethrone Mehbooba Mufti as leader of the Legislature Party.

“The independent group would be allowed to occupy separate seats in the Assembly by the speaker,” Karra said in a statement today, adding the group would form the government with the BJP.

“Though it was a fait accompli after PDP became facilitator and collaborator with RSS, the irony is that the party president of PDP shall literally be thrown out of her own party by her most trusted lieutenants,” he claimed.

A split within the People’s Democratic Party is imminent after two of its powerful MLAs openly rebelled against former JK Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for converting the party into a ‘family filled with her relatives.’

On Monday, former Sports Minister and MLA from Pattan constituency, Molvi Imran Reza Ansari, said, “It is because of the interference of her (Mehbooba) relatives that the BJP withdrew the support. Peoples Democratic Party has been reduced to Family Democratic Party by Mehbooba Mufti and all the party affairs are being run by four members of her family.”

Raza Ansari’s uncle and MLA from Zadibal constituency, Abid Hussain Ansari, along with him, hinted at creating a ‘Peoples Bloc’, while bashing Mehbooba Mufti.

“It is a family Raj party. Her brother was a photographer and he was brought back and made tourism minister. A relative was made commissioner. Another relative is remote controlling from America. We are against the bloodshed. I have left my future to the people of my constituency. Whatever they decide, I will follow that. If they want me to leave PDP, I will do so,” he said.

Former minister kept the options open of joining another party. “If there is any party in which there is no family raj and is led by a brave leader, I will certainly consider joining it. For the sake of people if I need to change 50 parties I will do it”, he said.

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