Governor insulted his constitutional position by not visiting Martyrs graveyard: Er Rasheed

Srinagar: Coming down heavily on state government for convening meeting of administrative secretaries by Chief Secretary in civil secretariat despite being a state holiday on eve of Martyr’s Day, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that those who are the real heirs of Martyrs have been caged, jailed and restricted to their residences.

Leading a procession march to Martyr’s graveyard at Naqashbad Sahab Shrine downtown Srinagar today, Er. Rasheed warned New Delhi of dire consequences for trying to dilute the sanctity of martyr’s days and sought immediate action against Jammu Bar Association for using derogatory language against the martyrs of 13 July 1931.

“While fringe and communal elements are busy in hatching conspiracies in Jammu region, ignoring the fact that the martyrs sacrificed for the people of entire state, Chief Secretary in a horrible and shameful incident has convened a meeting of administrative secretaries in civil secretariat just to dilute the sanctity of martyr’s day,” he said.

Being a public servant, Rasheed said, chief secretary should have conducted programmes to pay tributes to those martyrs whom everyone recognizes cutting across political ideologies.

“It is disgraceful that even Governor preferred to skip the function,” he said. “Neither BJP nor their any ally visited martyr’s graveyard and party is thus continuing to give 13 July a communal colour. Undoubtedly, martyrs don’t need homage from state administration but the proxies of New Delhi have exposed themselves by trying to implement RSS agenda through backdoor channels.”

Er. Rasheed added that Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah have no moral right to visit martyrs graveyard and insult their sacrifices.

“Both are not only power hungry but have the one point agenda to dilute the cause of all those martyrs who have been sacrificing from 13 July 1931 till date,” he said. “It is disgraceful that while Omer Abdullah prays tributes to martyrs in Srinagar, Davindar Rana seeks holiday for Maharaja in Jammu. As long as they continue to talk about autonomy and self-rule they would be seen as collaborators and who doesn’t know that both NC and PDP have butchered Kashmiris and whatsoever they say carries no meaning.”

It is shameful, Rasheed said that Mehbooba rather talking about sacrifices of martyrs of 13 July 1931 threatens of emerging of 1987 like situation if New Delhi tries to divide her party.

“She being herself on payrolls of New Delhi and their rubber stamp can’t gain false sympathies by crying victim,” he said. “Omar Abdullah’s reaction to her theatrics is equally condemnable, as he claimed that no one would join militancy if PDP disintegrates. He is befooling none but himself by ignoring the fact that no one is picking up the gun to remove Mehbooba Mufti and bring Omer Abdullah to power but they are doing so to get Kashmir issue resolved.”

Er. Rasheed questioned government why it didn’t allowed joint resistance leadership and other pro-resistance parties to visit martyrs graveyard and reiterated that they are the real heirs of martyrs.

“Despite differences of opinion over many issues Kashmiris strongly believe JRL to be the real political leadership of state,” Rasheed said, adding that the best way to pay tributes to martyrs is to resolve Kashmir dispute once and for all by giving people of state from Gilgit Baltistan to Lakhanpur right to self determination.

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