Discovery Channel to air documentary on Thai Cave Rescue

Discovery Channel will air Operation Thai Cave Rescue as a documentary on July 20 at 9 pm in Discovery Channel, Discovery HD World, Discovery Turbo and Discovery Science. The documentary is based on the rescue of  young football players from Tham Luang cave in Thailand.

The documentary will answer the questions regarding the disappearance, the operation and the final rescue. There are already two movies in works for the incident.

The synopsis reads, “Produced in association with ITN Productions, Discovery’s OPERATION THAI CAVE RESCUE unpacks the human and scientific drama behind one of the most difficult and heart-palpitating rescues attempted in human history. With exclusive early access to men and women – including family members – who have been living and breathing the events, OPERATION THAI CAVE RESCUE focuses on the triumph of the human spirit and the extraordinary scientific and technological innovations used to complete this miracle rescue. As the clock continues to tick, and predicted Monsoon rains loom above, rescuers in the cave and above ground, plot their next move. Featuring interviews with medical and mental health experts, renowned cave diving instructors and the world’s leading cave diving rescue experts, the film paints a full picture of what the boys and their rescuers were experiencing and how these heroic divers could recover what was thought initially to be an impossible feat.”

After being trapped in the Tham Luang cave for 17 days, the Thailand football coach and the 12 members were rescued on July 10, in the afternoon, bringing an end to the seemingly impossible mission.

The Thai Navy SEAL operative along with foreign divers, rescued the last batch of four boys along with the coach from the flooded cave through a dangerous route of tunnels filled with water. Earlier, on July 8 and 9, a batch of nine boys had been rescued.

“All 12 ‘Wild Boars’ and coach have been extracted from the cave,” the SEAL stated, in a Facebook post. “All are safe.”

Narongsak Osottanakorn, chief of the rescue mission said that the medic and the SEAL divers had also left the cave safely.

The team had earlier entered the cave in mountainous northern Thailand on June 23 after a football practice but had gotten trapped deep inside after heavy rains had caused flooding. They were found 9 days later by two British divers.

Concerns have now arose regarding the psychological and physical effects of having been trapped in the presence of bird and bat droppings, contaminated water and an overall lack of oxygen. Initial medical reports show that the 9 boys rescued earlier are in a good mental and physical condition, yet they will remain in quarantine following further reports and examinations.

“I cannot understand how cool these small kids are, you know? Thinking about how they’ve been kept in a small cave for two weeks, they haven’t seen their mums,” Ivan Karadzic, who owns a diving business in Thailand and was involved in the rescue mission, told the BBC. “Incredibly strong kids. Unbelievable almost.”


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