JKSSB’s grievance cell number belongs to a person working in a hotel in Ladakh

Moreover, an unnecessary delay in the result for the post of General Line Teacher has left aspirants fuming 

Srinagar: Aspirants who had applied for the General Line teacher post advertised in December 2017 by Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) have been left frustrated due to the unnecessary delay in the results and transfer of former Chairman of JKSSB.

Moreover, when they try to contact the officials, either the automated answer is “the number does not exist” or there is no response to their calls.

The contact list provided by the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) is a mockery of “Digital India”. A man named D.B Yadav is paying a price of the failure/ lethargy of JKSSB in updating its official website. JKSSB has provided Yadav’s number as the contact number of its grievance cell.

For around two hours, the Grievance Cell number 9622868144 was busy. Later, the reporter received a call from the same number. On enquiring whether that was JKSSB’s grievance cell number, the answer was, “Oh No! Who do you want to talk to? I am from Ladakh. I had taken this sim on 16 or 17 April, this year. Since then, I have been receiving numerous calls. I don’t get time to talk to people around me. I receive at least 35 calls per day,” says Yadav who wants JKSSB to update their website properly and remove his number 9622868144 from the website where it comes under the heading ‘JKSSB Grievance Cell’.

Yadav is basically from Jharkhand and is working at a hotel in Ladakh. He says that the owner of his hotel often scolds him for taking too many calls while on duty.

“Boss also asks me why my phone rings so many times. I am always busy in the hotel kitchen. I don’t get time to switch to another sim card,” he says adding, “Many people call and then apologize.”

Around 12 contact numbers are provided on the website out of which 10 were useless. When the reporter called the other numbers, nothing productive came out. The Chairman’s office numbers were not answered by anyone. The newly appointed Chairman Zubair Ahmad did not receive the calls on his personal number, despite many attempts and a text message. Another number 0194-2430577 does not exist, one belongs to Yadav, and another is picked up by someone. However, no sound except for a faulty machine sound can be heard. The number provided for the RTI enquiry 9419047093 also ‘does not exist.’ The only call that was answered was from JKSSB’s Jammu office (0191-2470017).

On enquiring about the delay in the posts of General Line Teachers, the official on call said that the result will be out in a week, after which he suddenly hung up the call.

“The results of subjects Urdu and Maths are out. General Line teaching list will be out within a week,” said the officials before hanging up the call.

The examination had begun on 13th May 2018. In some districts it was held on 20th and in Srinagar (the last examination) it was held on 27th May 2018. Since then, the candidates have been waiting for the results.

“Last time, an SSB member had said that the provisional selection list of General line teachers was complete and only needed the signature of the chairman who was transferred at that point in time. The new chairman has been appointed now. Why are they delaying it now? Isn’t there a chance of backdoor entries now?” asks a sceptical candidate, eagerly waiting for the results.

“Yesterday, one among us went to their office in Srinagar. He was told that the result will take around 25 days. Maybe, they really do not know when it will be out,” says a candidate.

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