Athrout inaugurates state-of-art dialysis centre for the impoverished

Srinagar: After helping chronic kidney disease patients with treatment costs, a well-known charitable body Athrout on Tuesday inaugurated their dialysis facility. The facility is expected to help the low-income group that is not able to bear the costs of the treatment.

The NGO has been working in different fields by providing a helping hand to poor and needy people. In the last financial year, Athrout registered 397 cases in monthly household, 61 for marriage finances and 74 cases for health assistance. Under education and empowerment, they registered 40 and 48 cases, respectively. That year they distributed a total amount of Rs 72.47 lakh.

The centre has the best technology available, the dialysis machines are German made and have the latest software which includes graphical representations of the process, in addition to cardiac monitors. The centre will be working in two shifts, morning and evening and around 14 dialysis cases will be handled in one day. In the initial days, 3-4 cases will be taken care of.

Noted political satirist Zareef Ahmad Zareef while inaugurating the centre said that we need more volunteers to join Athrout.

“These kids are working under oppression and they have done a commendable job and our future lies in the hands of such young and hardworking generation,” he said.

Zareef has been associated with the organization since its inception and hopes Athrout reaches every needy household.

Dr Sheikh Parvez Ahmad, Incharge of the centre while speaking to Free Press Kashmir said that this is the disease of the poor and we need to come forward and donate and support this cause so that these people can survive.

He also added that they will be holding grassroots awareness camps to educate people about the causes and prevention of kidney diseases.

The organisation is also getting a positive response from Health Department. Dr Saleem ur Rehman, Director Health was also present during the inaugural function. While praising Athrout’s work he said that such initiatives should be taken up because the number of such cases are rising.

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Dr Saleem said he has been associated with Athrout for the last four years. During the inauguration he said, “Athrout has done unblemished work from time to time and I had no reason not to support them, the type of expert staff they have and the people associated with Athrout made us believe in them.”

He also said that these centres are like a second home to such patients as they spend 4 days a week and 4 hours every day here, so these centres should be well equipped, the staff should be technically sound, experts should be available and Athrout has done that.

He also emphasised on the prevention of the disease and said that it is high time that we start working for it so that we don’t reach to a state where dialysis becomes the only option.

Experts who were part of the inaugural function stressed that prevention is important and said that people should start taking proper treatment for hypertension, Diabetes, and stop unabated use of painkillers. They also said that an adequate quantity of water intake is important, less protein and salt intake should also be taken care of.

Athrout has witnessed support from well-known businessmen and journalists of the valley.

Abdul Hamid Bhat, Director Rahim Group of Companies and member of International Association for Volunteers Efforts was also present on the occasion and said that we all as individuals should realise our common social responsibility and see what we are paying back to our society.

He stressed on the role of shared responsibility and what role an individual can play in a society. “Athrout was the creation of an individual, independent volunteers who choose to give back to their society in times of need,” he added.

With its expanded areas of operation, Athrout has become a full-fledged humanitarian body, now catering to six different areas — medical care, education support, monthly household help, empowerment schemes, marriage assistance and alms.

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