The process is fair and transparent, there will no discrimination against those excluded: Rajnath Singh on NRC

Home Minister of India said that there will be no discrimination or needless harassment in finalizing the draft list.

“The process is fair and transparent. We are doing everything according to the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court. Every step is being followed,” Singh said in a statement in the Rajya Sabha. “I assure everyone that no Indian citizen will be left out. There is absolutely no need to worry.”

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He gave assurance that there would be no coercive action taken against the people not listed in the NRC.

“It is unfortunate that an atmosphere of fear has been created… Propaganda has been carried out through vested interests on social media to internationalise the issue and disturb communal harmony,” he said.

“Everyone will get a chance to apply for citizenship once we have a final list. They will have full rights… nothing will be taken away from them,” he said.

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“Please maintain peace, harmony and public order. To aid this, we have provided the Assam government with all the required security forces,” he added.

Earlier, The Supreme Court-appointed coordinator for the NRC, Prateek Hajela responded to Amit Shah’s comment on weeding out infiltrators (“ghuspethiye” ) by saying such descriptions were ‘too premature’ and that all 40 Lakh immigrants could not be called ‘illegal’.

In an interview with The Indian Express, he said, “No, we can’t say all these 40 lakh are ghuspethiye. Only a judicial scrutiny can establish whether a person can be called an illegal migrant or not.”

“These people will get another chance to prove their credentials. Then we will come out with a final NRC. The NRC process will be over then. Even after that, whether a person is an illegal migrant or not is something that can be decided only by judicial scrutiny and that is through a certain set of codes, which has been established in Assam… called the Foreigners Tribunal,” Hajela said.

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