Three people hurl racial abuses at Muslim man in Gurgaon, forcefully shave off beard

Three people have been arrested on allegations of abusing, assaulting and forcefully shaving off a muslim man’s beard, police reported to news agency PTI. The accused have been identified and arrested. The muslim man has been identified as Jaffruddin.

On July 31, Jaffruddin was at Khandsa Mandi in Gurgaon when two people launched racial abuses at him. Gurgaon Police PRO Subhash Bokan told PTI that,“Jaffruddin initially ignored the religious insults but he finally retorted. Following which, the accused persons assaulted Jaffruddin. Then they took him to a saloon and chopped his beard off.”

According to ANI, DCP of Gurugram (Crime) Sumit Kuhar confirmed that the accused have been arrested and rejected the idea of the involvement of an organisation behind the incident.

Kuhar said, “Three people including the barber have been arrested and will be produced before the court today. This is an isolated incident and no organisation is involved in it.”

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Later, they threatened him with dire consequences if he complained to the police. The accused have been identified as Gaurav, Eklash from Uttar Pradesh and Nitin from Haryana.

Earlier in July, a BJP lawmaker said that the increase in heinous crimes such as rape and murder was happening due to the rising Muslim population in India, reported the ANI.

Hari Om Pandey, BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh’s Ambedkar Nagar also asserted that soon a ‘new nation’ like Pakistan will be carved out from India if the government fails to curb the rising Muslim population in the coming days.

“The menaces such as of terrorism, rape, sexual harassment prevailing in India is only because of the rising Muslim populations. If one looks closely, there is a rapid increase in the percentage of Muslim populants since the time of Independence,” said Pandey.


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