While defending Article 35-A, make sure your ‘real cause’ isn’t diluted: Rashid tells Resistance leaders

Independent lawmaker Engineer Rashid while saying that defending the Article 370 and Article 35-A is not the goal of people of Jammu & Kashmir, has urged the main stream and Resistance leaders to develop a strategy and find ways how to achieve the goal which will satisfy the aspirations of Kashmiris rather worrying for their personal and party agendas.

While interacting with people of various sections at Sopore on Saturday, Rashid said that while the weaknesses of the main stream parties have emboldened New Delhi, Joint Resistance Leadership and other pro-resistance forces should not make preserving 35-A as their lone goal as Kashmiris from Gilgit to Lakhanpur need nothing less than right to self determination .

“Since both main stream and Separatist parties claim to be fighting for the rights of people, let every political force prove his sincerity and let Huriyat not get trapped in the Chankiyan game of New Delhi. Despite huge failures under current circumstances main stream politics is still relevant but their vision about Kashmir and road map to resolve the dispute is entirely different than the aspirations, sentiments and sacrifices of the masses,” Rashid said.

He added, “However the pro-resistance groups including JRL are being seen by masses as custodians of their sacrifices. Since main stream parties have failed to get autonomy restored as such the onus of removal of 35-A lies on them. It would be in the larger interests of Kashmir if JRL and other pro-freedom groups compel main stream parties to fight for protecting 35-A and other relevant articles and offer them their indirect support, so that Huriyat’s own stand on the main burning issue doesn’t get diluted. If everyone claims to be sincere let Huriyat support main stream parties and other trade and business organizations without getting directly involved into Article 35-A controversy, so that New Delhi doesn’t get an impression that Huriyat and other pro-freedom groups have been cornered and Kashmir issue can be resolved by pushing Kashmiris to wall”.

Rashid warned National Conference and PDP not to play with the sentiments of masses and reminded them that it is they who have given New Delhi so much of confidence that it is not scared of abrogating the special status of J&K by taking the Supreme Court route.

He asked Huriyat to take every step with utter care so that the ill designs of anti-Kashmiris forces are defeated and the significance of resolving Kashmir issue in accordance with UN resolutions doesn’t get diluted.

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