Sikh organization in London holds declaration for establishment of Khalistan as a state

The declaration event was mostly attended by Sikhs

Sikhs for Justice (SfJ) held a declaration event in London on Sunday to announce the resolutions for the establishment of the state of Khalistan, despite India’s objections in the matter. The event was addressed by lord Nazir Ahmed who extended his support for the state.

While addressing the gathering, Richard J Rogers, an expert in international human rights and criminal law said that Sikhs qualified as ‘peoples’ as they have distinct, language, religion, culture and Sikhs had their own stated that was concurred by the British in 1849.

He stated that in international law, there are three exceptional circumstances where peoples can claim succession from the parent state and Sikhs are eligible to claim succession under two of these exceptions. He said the Government of India should table the issue to negotiate the terms of establishing the Sikh state.

In the first resolution, it said that a non-governmental referendum will be held in November 2020 in all countries of the world, in Punjab and in all cities of India where Sikhs were subjected to genocide in 1984.

In the second resolution, it is said that the United Nations and the International Law recognises that if peoples have district identity, territory and religion- then these elements help peoples to claim their separate state, therefore after non-government referendum in November 2020 the claim of independent Khalsa raj (Sikh state) will be presented to the UN.

In the third resolution, it is stated that after presenting the claim of Sikh state to the UN the movement of a seperate Sikh state, a mass movement for establishment of such state will be initiated. In this resolution, the organisers called upon the gathering to show their commitment to the cause of Khalistan and then vowed to move further with the agenda.


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