Without peace with neighbours, cannot bring peace to Pakistan, says PM Khan

In order to bring peace to Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he will enter into talks with all neighbours.

In his an-hour-long maiden address to the nation a day after his swearing in as the country’s 22nd premier, Khan identified Pakistan’s challenges on economic front, announced sweeping changes to bring austerity and revive stagnant economy.

He also lashed out at the previous PML-N government for the current debt crisis which has risen to Rs 28 trillion, saying the country had not been as indebted in its entire history as it has been in the last ten years.

“I have talked to all neighbours and Insha Allah, we will improve relations with all neighbours. Without peace (with neighbours) we cannot bring peace in Pakistan,” he said.

Khan, who made an extempore speech while taking help of notes, promised to start the change from his life.

Outlining his governments approach to resolve the issues, Khan stressed on taking austerity measures, working on tax reforms instead of taking loans, rooting out corruption.

He also spoke about revamping the judiciary, educational and health care reforms, civil service reforms, devolution of power, providing jobs opportunity to youths and building dams to end water crisis.

“Never in Pakistan’s history have we faced such difficult economic circumstances. Our debt burden is Rs 28 trillion. We haven’t been as indebted in our entire history as we have been in the last ten years,” he said.

“The interest that we have to pay on our debt has reached to a level that we have to take more debt to repay our obligations. Our external debt obligations have reached a level that we have to contemplate how we are going to grapple with them,” Khan said.

“On one hand we are so indebted, and on the other hand our human development index ranking is very poor,” he said.

“I will not do any business and live a simple life. Those making illegal money are my enemies. You should help me to identify them and stop them,” he said.

He said that he will live in a three-bedroom residence within the official PM House, a place that was reserved for the Military Secretary but Khan has decided to live there. He announced to transform the sprawling PM House into a modern university.

He said there were 524 workers and officials deputed at the PM House but he will keep only two of them.

Out of the 80 vehicles, including 33 bullet proof vehicles, he said he will use only two of them and auction the rest and deposit the money into the national treasury.

Khan said PTI formed governments in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and his governors and chief ministers will not live in palatial official houses.

He said the economy was in bad shape due to debt heaped by the past government. He said 10 years ago, the total debt of the country was Rs 6 trillion which has increased to Rs 28 trillion.

He spoke about the poor human development index of Pakistan and said more than 23 million children were out of schools and 45 per cent children had stunted growth.

Khan once again promised to transform Pakistan into the state of Medina which was set up by the Prophet in early years of Islam.

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