India sells Rs. 34/litre petrol to foreign countries while charging Indians double: RTI report

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Amid rising fuel prices and chagrin, an RTI report revealed in August by an activist from Punjab, states that India is selling Rs 34 per litre Petrol to 15 countries and Rs 37 per litre diesel to 29 countries while Indian citizens have been availing the same petrol and diesel for more than double the price.

Rohit Sabrawal tried to procure further information from Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas; and Oil Refinery Company, which was provided after two and a half months. The information read that there are less or no provisions in India to prepare these fuels at such a cost.

Rohit said that the hiking prices of diesel and petrol across the nation has irked the citizens over time, and had led to negative impact on the Indian economy.

He stated that whenever he questioned the government officials for the reasons as to why petrol-diesel prices are hiking at its peak, the Indian government argues that it has been due to taxation. The tax has been levied from 125 per cent to 150 per cent.

As per the government of India reports, India exports petrol, diesel to the following countries including America, Iraq, England, Israel, Jordon, Australia, UAE, Singapore, and many more.He condemned the reality saying that Indian government has befooled the citizens because today, the oil tank which can be filled in Rs 900, is actually filled in Rs 2500.

Earlier, Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi initiated the Bharat Bandh call in the first joint political action by the Opposition against rising fuel prices and fall of the Indian Rupee. Congress said that 21 parties, including SP, BSP, TMC, DMK and RJD and trade and commerce bodies have responded to the call.

The Leaders of the Opposition are to hold a dharna at Rajghat today. On another note, five Left Front parties have separately called for a shutdown over ongoing problems of the farmers, unemployment issues and rising fuel prices.

Rahul Gandhi criticized Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s silence over rising fuel prices. “PM Modi has failed to deliver on the promises made to the country. The Rupee value has never been this weak in the past 70 years,” he said.

The BJP, in response, has called the bandh a “flop show” and stated that the government of India has no control over the fuel price hike. Ravi Shankar Prasad, a BJP party member denounced the ‘violent protests’ taking place across the country

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