Media under attack in Kashmir, says JK Press Association, urges Govt to ‘stop witch-hunt’

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Press Association (JKPA) on Wednesday said that media, the fourth estate has come under attack, which has become manifestly clear after picking up some journalists regardless of the fact that they are engaged in the discharge of their professional obligations.

“This has established that the authorities at the helm of affairs are bent upon to muzzle the press and not allow the truth to prevail,” JKPA said.

“It needs to be placed on record that the Journalism aims at collection of facts honestly and project them faithfully so that truth comes out and reaches public in proper perspective,” JKPA said, adding that such an endeavour requires commitment to the noble profession but requires encouragement and security by the powers that rule the roost.

“The Executive must know that freedom of expression is guaranteed under the Constitution of India and any suppression and coercion tantamount to violation of the fundamental rights of the people working in the domain of Media. It is for their protection that ‘World Press Freedom Day’ is observed on 3rd May every year worldwide,” JKPA said.

Meanwhile, the JKPA urged the state government to preserve and protect the fourth pillar of democracy and refrain from “arm-twisting and witch-hunt and allow journalists of all categories and classes to work fearlessly.”

“They have noble task to perform which needs free atmosphere and not suffocated environment. No doubt, the Journalists have equally responsibility to discharge their professional obligations faithfully and objectively. The State government should release the incarcerated scribes without any further procrastination to show that it is committed to the freedom of expression,” JKPA added.


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