One litre of petrol now costs Rs. 90 in Mumbai, Rs. 91.96 in Patna

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The petrol price in Mumbai has pushed to Rs 90 per litre mark amid increasing fuel prices across the country. The price of a litre of petrol costs around Rs 82.72. Diesel costs Rs 78.58 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 74.02 per litre in Delhi. In Patna, petrol costs around Rs 91.96/litre and diesel at Rs 79.68/litre.

According to Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the largest fuel retailer in India, petrol is retailing at Rs 83.37/litre in Bengaluru, Rs 82.14/litre in Lucknow, Rs 84.54/ litre in Kolkata, Rs 87.70/litre in Hyderabad, Rs 85.17/litre in Guwahati and 85.99/litre in Chennai. In Bengaluru diesel is priced at Rs 74.40/litre, in Lucknow at Rs 74.15/litre, in Kolkata at Rs 75.87/litre, in Hyderabad at Rs 80.51/litre, in Guwahati at Rs 77.40/litre and in Chennai at Rs 78.26/litre.

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Delhi has one of the cheapest fuel rates due to low taxes as compared to Mumbai. Maharashtra levies 25 per cent value-added tax (VAT) on petrol in Mumbai, in addition to a surcharge of Rs 9 for a litre across the state. For diesel, the VAT is 21 per cent in Mumbai, with a surcharge of Rs 1 for a litre across the state. Last week petrol price breached the 90 rupees mark in ten districts across Maharashtra.

The government of India has stated global crude oil prices and other international factors as causes of fuel hike. It has urged the state governments to cut VAT on fuel and has ruled out any immediate reduction in excise duty.

Earlier, a Tamil Nadu groom received five litres of petrol as a wedding gift from his friends, amid concerns about the rising cost of petrol prices in the country, PTI reported.

The newly wedded couple were greeting guestsat a marriage hall when his friends trooped in and gave him the petrol in a five litre can as a gift, ‘Puthiya Thalaimurai’ Tamil television channel reported.

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