Kashmiri college student arrested in hacking case granted bail after four months

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Srinagar: A Kashmiri college student from Punjab, Aadil Hussain Teeli, was taken under judicial custody by the Delhi High Court following reports of being affiliated to one Shahid Malla who had reportedly hacked a website and posted pro-Pakistani content on his Facebook account.

A copy of the bail order of the accused in possession of Free Press Kashmir stated that an overseas manufacturer and exporter, Sachin Makhija who owned a company under the name ‘Rajan Overseas Manufacturer and Exporter’, had filed a complaint of prior hacking since 27th March on the company’s website- www.rajanoverseas.co.in. Makhija had further stated that ‘unwanted contents on home and and product pages of the website’ had been uploaded.

Currently, the product pages have been deleted and access to the main administrator is not functional, the bail order stated.

Investigation revealed that the user, Shahid Malla was maintaining another Facebook account under the name ‘HAXER 1’, the bail order revealed. It was then noticed that several posts on Pakistan had been uploaded by the user.

Shahid’s name among with Aadil’s and a few others were also mentioned ‘on the defaced page posted over the hacked website by the complainant (Sachin)’.

A copy of the bail order in possession of Free Press Kashmir.

Shahid was then apprehended on 27th April at Rajpura, Punjab after digital footprints of the accused were analysed. After being interrogated, the police got hold of a laptop and two mobile phones. Shahid also reportedly told the police about Aadil’s whereabouts after his name surfaced on the defaced page, stated the bail order.

Aadil was taken into custody on 27th April, 2018 under Section 66 of the Information Technology Act, punishable upto 3 years of imprisonment and Section 124A IPC, punishable upto life or three years depending on the nature of sedition activity.

Aadil was granted bail after it was determined that his IP address was different to the petitioner’s IP address by the supplementary chargesheet. The court granted a bail order of Rs. 25,000 along with two surety bonds.

Aadil has been directed by the court to not leave the country, change mobile numbers or his address without prior notice to the court.

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