‘Surgical Strike Day’: Kashmiris in desperate need of peace but Delhi wants them to celebrate violence, says Rashid

Srinagar: Questioning the government circular asking schools to celebrate September 29 as ‘Surgical Strike Day’, AIP President, Engineer Rashid has said that while Kashmiris are in desperate need of peace, they are being asked to celebrate violence.

In a statement Rashid said, “Kashmiris have seen death and destruction since the last 30 years as a result of animosity between India and Pakistan. Kashmiri children have been living in constant state of fear and uncertainty. They don’t want their land to become any experimental lab or a graveyard of innocents but are just interested in resolution to Kashmir dispute. Only for political gains the government is getting indulged in politicizing the educational institutions. Rather celebrating Surgical Strike Day New Delhi should have announced some welfare and developmental measures for the ill fated victims of border areas whose lives have become miserable and hell due to increasing animosity at the borders.”

He added, “Those claiming to have carried surgical strikes on the other side of LoC must answer that if these surgical strikes have brought any relief if not to Kashmiris but at least to security forces. It is the army and the BSF who every day claim that militants are infiltrating from Pakistan and there are launching pads for militants on the other side of LoC, thus negating all the reasons for celebrating the anniversary of Surgical Strikes.”

Rashid pointed out that ordering teachers to organize events of celebrating surgical strike day and then sending videos clips to the higher authorities is unacceptable and reflects the colonial mindset. He reminded government of its allegations against pro-resistance groups and others of politicizing the education and said it is high time for New Delhi to answer why it is indulging in the same now.

Rashid added that these surgical strikes may have benefitted people outside Kashmir but anyone promoting violence is the enemy of Kashmiris and all what Kashmiris want is an end to all animosities and hostilities at the borders, so that a conducive atmosphere is created for resolving Kashmir dispute.

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