Fighter jets raid Gaza after Israel says a rocket fired by Hamas hit residence

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A residential home in southern Israel was hit by a rocket fired from Gaza early morning while another rocket hit a beach in one of Israel’s cities, reported The Associated Press.

In response, Israeli jets carried out air raids on the Strip, leading to a Palestinian being killed and upto eight others being injured.

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, Naji Ahmad al-Zaneen, 25 was killed in the attack in northern Gaza early on Wednesday.

Among the wounded are six children who were on their way to school in Deir al-Balah in central Gaza.

The Magen David Adom medical service said as quoted by AP that a woman and her three children in the home in Beersheba, south Israel were being treated for shock symptoms after they fled to their shelter upon hearing sirens warning of the incoming projectile. It said two others were injured during the panic to seek cover.

The incident occurred after Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the time had come to deliver a “heavy blow” to Hamas after weeks of escalating violence along the border.

Lieberman announced that all crossings into Gaza were being shut in response to the attack and that Israeli military jets were pounding Hamas targets as a first response. No casualties were reported in Gaza.

Earlier last week, upto 14,000 Palestinians carried out demonstrations by throwing rocks at the soldiers and burning tires at the border fence area. The protesters are demanding to return to their homes in Israel, under the UN Resolution 194, which stipulates their right of return.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened “very painful blows,” saying Israel was very close to waging a “different kind of activity.” “If it has any sense, Hamas will cease its fire and violent outbursts now,” he said.

Counting upto March, 155 Palestinians have been killed during the protests. One Israeli soldier was killed by sniper fire.

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