Playboy model shares photos exposing private parts inside mosque in Turkey, causes outrage

Marisa Papen, a model with playboy magazine has shared pictures of her posing in front of Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Mosque in a burka while flashing her vagina. The model’s move has caused outrage, with many asking for her arrest for attempts to incite hate.

Papen, has in the recent past done the same at many religious holy sites. She was also previously arrested and jailed for posing nude in Egypt.

Recently she was criticised by Jewish religious leadership after she posed nude near the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

But this time Marisa travelled to Turkey along with her photographer Jesse Walker and embarked on a daring attempt to take nude pictures in front of the Hagia Sophia mosque.

Papen has said that bought the burkha locally and “waited to get the perfect shot”.

“After waiting in a long queue to enter, we were caught off guard with the amount of security cameras there. They literally have every square centimetre covered,” Papen said.

Adding: “I could feel my heartbeat in my throat, hear it in my head…. I pull up my dress. 10 frames per second for 5 seconds. I drop my dress. Jesse nods again, turns around and starts walking, I follow. I ask him ‘Do you got it?’ He says ‘Yes, let’s go! Now!’ Without being stopped (surprisingly) we leave the [Hagia] Sophia.”

But she after posting the pictures on social media many were left angered and confused.

One person wrote, ‘It‘s Not okay what you do, it‘s a holy place for People. It‘s Really disrespecting.’

While another wrote, ‘You could have taken nude pictures anywhere but you choose to do it in peoples religious places knowing the anger it will cause. You should be arrested for inciting hate.’


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