Slain Kandahar police chief’s killing ‘plotted in Pakistan’, says Afghan President

image courtesy: tolonews

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani Tuesday said that the killing of Kandahar police commander Gen Abdul Raziq was planned in Pakistan and urged Islamabad to handover those responsible in order for Afghanistan to insure justice prevails, TOLONews reported. The president was on a trip to the slain police chief’s home province.

“I want to say that this conspiracy was plotted in Pakistan. So Pakistan should give us the criminals so that we can bring them to justice,” said Ghani.

Ghani met with the family of the deceased commander – including Raziq’s mother. He told them that his administration strongly values the security and stability of Kandahar province.

Ghani also honored the slain commander with the title of ‘Champion of Afghanistan’s Freedom’.

However, Kandahar residents have criticized government leaders for going to Kandahar “too late” – and for only now coming to pay their respects to the bereaved family.

“He (general Abdul Raziq) sacrificed himself for the country, the president or the CEO should have come here before,” said a resident of Kandahar Ahmad Saber, cited by TN.

“The president came today, no meetings were held and he returned,” added another resident, quoted by TN.

Heavy security measures were put in place following the killing of Abdul Raziq but residents say that businesses have suffered since their police chief’s death.

“Over the past five or six days, businesses close at 12:00 pm, it was not like this during general Abdul Raziq’s time,” said a businessman in Kandahar Amanuallah.

Brig. Gen. Abdul Raziq Achakzai, commonly known as Gen. Raziq, was killed in an attack on Thursday afternoon at the Kandahar governor’s compound.

The incident happened when officials were leaving the governor’s office and were making their way to a helipad. General Abdul Momin Hassankhail, head of the provincial National Directorate of Security (NDS), was also killed.

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