‘Silencing anyone will worsen situation’: Political parties in JK react over Governor’s statement

It is our right to speak for the benefit of people, says Congress

Will talk about Pakistan as relationship between two countries directly impacting people of JK, says NC

Party representative of peoples’ aspirations, at the forefront pitching for dialogue, says PDP

Srinagar: The political parties in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday reacted sharply over the statement made by the Governor, Satya Pal Malik wherein he had state that political parties in JK have no right to talk about peace talks between India and Pakistan as it is a matter between the two nations.

The political parties said that it seems that the statements are being guided by incumbent government in the centre.

Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) chief, G A Mir said that the Jammu and Kashmir is part of the country and JK parties are also part of democratic system.

“If Governor believes that JK is part of India then the parties are itself part of India then what is wrong in pitching for bonhomie between India and Pakistan,” he said. He said that the relation between the countries is directly linked to the people of the state. “People of the state have to bear a brunt whenever there is bad relationship between the two countries. Nobody in country wants to see any damage due to bad neighborly ties. So, definitely it is our right to speak for the benefit of people and also it stands the right of every ruler to talk about the peaceful atmosphere for its people,” he said.

“I don’t know why the Governor has made such a statement and who has asked him to utter such words but he should not take the demands of political parties negatively,” he said, adding that such statements are part of policy. “BJP has framed its own design to deal with the situation in JK and it seems that these statements are guided by the policy developed by the centre ruling this time.”

“If anybody is pitching for talks then he should not be silenced as silencing anyone will worsen situation further,” he said, adding that Kashmir is a political issue and should be addressed politically.

National Conference (NC) provincial president, Nasir Aslam Wani said that nobody has a right in democracy to decide what others say. “The leadership in Jammu and Kashmir, its people will always talk about Pakistan as the neighborly ties of the countries are directly linked with the people,” he said.

“Whenever the situation gets deteriorated between the two neighbouring countries, it led to the sufferings of people in Jammu and Kashmir. Three wars have been fought in this regard so far, our one side is there, So, we will always talk about Pakistan as the relationship between the two countries is directly impacting people of JK,” he said.

He said that the political parties in the state can’t ignore Pakistan the friendly-ties between Indo-Pak is important for the peace.

“Political parties have their own duties towards people and they will continue to perform their duties,” he said, adding that the governor can’t ignore political parties at all.

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said that the party is not a sycophant but the representative of peoples’ aspirations.

PDP’s chief spokesman Rafi Ahmad Mir stated that the party since its inception has been at the forefront pitching for dialogue and reconciliation between the two countries so that a new era of peace is ushered in the state of Jammu and Kashmir that has been witnessing mayhem and bloodshed for decades.

He added that being a regional party of the state, PDP considers it as its prime responsibility to get the state out of uncertainty and chaos and demand that the vicious cycle of death, violence and pillage must stop without any further delay.

“The state Governor must bear this glaring reality in mind that it is the people of Kashmir who have been bearing the brunt of hostilities between India and Pakistan and due to such arch rivalry between the two countries, the state has been converted into as war zone where death has become a permanent headline,” Mir said.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) president and former minister, Ghulam Hassan Mir said that the political parties have its own vision vis-à-vis areas it belongs to.

“Whenever shelling takes place on border areas, the political parties hastily urge Government of India to resolve this issue as everybody knows that war can’t be a solution to any issue, therefore if killings are taking place in the state in day in and day out, GoI also claims that militancy in Kashmir is Pakistan sponsored then the political parties have every right to talk about bonhomie between India and Pakistan,” he said.

“Politicians believe that peace in JK can only be prevailed after GoI will resolve the issues with Pakistan,” he said, adding that the Governor in the state can’t ask political parties to speak as per his choice as it doesn’t suit a Governor to ask political parties to say this and that.


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