Important to pass censor board directive in right way while keeping director’s vision intact, says Iranian filmmaker Majidi


Universally recognized Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi Sunday, during an interaction with media reporters following the screening of his 2015 film Muhammad: The Messenger of God at the 24th Kolkata International Film Festival, said Bollywood films are mostly about catering to box office collection while those in Iran are about realities and deal with social subjects.

Majidi also made his Bollywood directorial debut this year through ‘Beyond the Clouds’. He stated that language is never a barrier when it comes to making movies.

While responding to inquiries of censorship obstacles in his country, Majidi said different governments have different views on the issue. “It is important to pass the (censor) board’s directive in a right way while keeping intact the vision of director. Two governments in Iran had different yardsticks. It was a challenge for a director to find his own ways,” he said.

Commenting on the differences between the two film industries, Majidi said, “Iranian cinema is based on realities, real locations, social subjects and human values. Bollywood movies is all about box office collections which is important from the commercial side. In India, you (also) have social subjects and interesting stories.”

“There is a very well balanced, new generation in India and if they get the right kind of support then that could be good for independent filmmakers in India. We can have new Satyajit Rays,” he said.

The filmmaker is known for his critically acclaimed films like Children of Heaven, The Colour of Paradise and The Song of Sparrows.

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