PaK President says ‘no military solution to Kashmir issue’, calls on UN, international powers to intervene


Pakistan-administered Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan Tuesday, while speaking to a delegation of 48th Pakistan Navy Staff Course, said there was no military solution to the Kashmir issue and India ‘would have to initiate dialogue with Pakistan and Kashmiris to find a way for a peaceful settlement of this longstanding dispute’, Dawn online reported.

“India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir and Indian obstinacy on the Kashmir issue, along with inhuman atrocities in Kashmir and Indian shelling on the civilian population living along the Line of Control (LoC) could bring both nuclear-armed states to the brink of another devastating war,” Khan said

He said that Pakistan had ‘always sought’ a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute through dialogue, but ‘India was adamant that it would settle the issue through military might by suppressing the voice of Kashmiri people for their internationally recognized right to self-determination’.

He called on the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gueterres to ‘appoint a special representative to explore a viable solution to this festering conflict and ensure lasting peace and stability in the region’.

“The UN and world powers need to intervene in setting a stage for the settlement of the Kashmir issue before these two nuclear states indulge in a full-fledged war which will be a massive disaster engulfing not only the South Asian region but also a large part of the world,” he added.

He warned that the lingering dispute could engulf a large part of the world if the two countries get involved in a full-fledged war.

“The United Nations and world powers need to intervene in setting a stage for the resolution of Kashmir before the two nuclear states of India and Pakistan indulge in a full-fledged war which will be a monumental disaster that will engulf not only the region but large part of the world,” Khan said.

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