Kashmir has shown resoluteness against those attacking special status, says NC

‘Ram Madhav running the state incognito’

‘Aware of machinations of RSS and its henchmen who gave preference to money over honor and dignity’

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday said that the recent statement of BJP general secretary asking National Conference to come clear on its participation in state assembly elections reflects BJP’s masked acceptance of its failure in Kashmir.

In a statement Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi said the non participation of National Conference in the ULB elections has put the GOI in an ‘edgy situation’.

“Jammu and Kashmir National conference is the largest and oldest political dispensation of state and any political process without the active involvement of National conference has peeved the BJP led central government assumingly,” he said.

“The recently concluded ULB elections saw a meek participation of people despite the fact that there were little to no incidents of violence during the elections. The people of Kashmir have shown their resoluteness against the machinations of those who are openly and covertly attacking special status of our state,” he added.

He said that Ram Madhav is running the state incognito, “The people of the state are well aware of machinations of RSS and its henchmen in the state who gave preference to money over state’s honor and dignity. The people are watchful of such servile and sequacious turncoat and political flip-floppers,” he said.

Refereeing to the recent diktat of Nirmal Sigh wherein he has asked the Ex- legislators to vacate their quarters, he said, “Such decisions should be left to security agencies and concerned authorities. There are many things that have to be taken care in a tumultuous state as that of ours,” he said.

He also said that the masses throughout the country have realized how BJP dishonored the mandate of 2014. “The intermittent parliament’s bi-elections throughout the country have revealed that BJP is losing the ground at a much faster rate. The score of BJP in the recent ULB elections wasn’t satisfactory either. They had to settle with four wards despite a poor front put up by Congress and non participation of all the big regional parties,” he said.

He said that the RSS and its sequacious henchmen in the state would be given a befitting answer in the assembly elections. “Our party has time and again asked the honorable governor to dissolve the assembly and let the people decide as to who serves them. Sher-e-Kashmir always maintained that in a democracy people are the source of power,” he said.

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