Pakistan on verge of financial breakdown, every sane citizen will hold same view as Afridi: Shiv Sena

Right-wing group Shiv Sena, in an editorial in its mouthpiece, ‘Saamana’, called former Pakistan international cricket star Shahid Afridi “anti-Indian” for his remarks on Kashmir that ignited controversy in the past few days, according to a report by PTI.

The editorial also said that Afridi has made derogatory statements against India in the past.

While speaking at a press meet in London, Afridi had said that Pakistan should not be demanding Kashmir as it has not been able to handle its own four provinces.

“Pakistan doesn’t need Kashmir; it is not able to even handle the four provinces it has,” Afridi was heard saying in a video that went viral.

Later, he accused Indian media of misinterpreting his comments and presenting them “out of context”.

“Myself along with every Pakistani support Kashmiri freedom struggle. Kashmir belongs to Pakistan,” his tweet had read

“I’m passionate about my country and greatly value the struggles of Kashmiris. Humanity must prevail and they should get their rights,” he had tweeted.

In the report, the group said Pakistan’s government and the military chief gave more impetus on trying to harm India than governing the country as a result of which it has to seek external financial aid even 70 years after Independence.

“Pakistan has become so poor in trying to support terrorism and corruption that it now is left with only the option of selling cattle and vehicles from the Prime Minister’s residence,” the editorial stated.

It claimed that Pakistan was on the verge of a financial breakdown and it had been relegated to begging for a bailout from countries like China, after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) turned down its aid request.

“If the country needs financial oxygen to keep its economy going, alive, how will it take care of Kashmir? Not just Afridi, every sane Pakistani will hold the same view. However, who asks the common man there?” the editorial questioned.

“The government and the military chief there give more impetus on harming India than doing good for its people. Therefore, they have to beg for aid even 70 years after Independence,” it said.

Citing examples, it said Afridi had shown a soft corner for 13 militants eliminated by Indian armed forces, and has been repeatedly advocating Independence for Kashmir.

(with inputs from PTI)

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