India sends ‘letter of request’ to US, seeks Rs 13,500 Crore anti-submarine helicopter ‘Romeo’

With an investment of around Rs 13500 Crore, India is about to finalize a deal with United States to fulfill its “urgent requirement” of anti-submarine helicopters, media reports revealed today.

The National Defense Academy of India Thursday had issued the “letter of request” to the US government seeking ‘Romeo’, a heavy duty chopper. This follows after the US Vice President Mike Pence held a successful meeting with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in Singapore on the sidelines of a regional summit. The Bilateral defence relationship was one of the top agendas discussed by the two.

Reportedly, the deal between the defense industry, with India seeking US 24 naval multi-role MH- 60 Romeo anti-submarine helicopters, manufactured by Sikorsky-Lockheed Martin will be finslised within a few months, with an estimated cost of $2 Billion.

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