Short film ‘Stones and Wounds’ uses premise of stone-pelting to tell story of common Kashmiri people: Co-director Aditya Raj Somani


A short film, ‘Stones and Wounds’, directed by Aditya Raj Somani, the head of Hera Pheri films and Sachin Malvi, tells the story of common people of Kashmir stuck between two different ideologies, while using the premise of stone-pelting, according to a report by PTI.

The film is just 15 minutes long, but accordingly, has been meticulously directed ‘to project the real picture of the conflict-affected state’.

“The film is not about stone pelting incident or takes any stand on that. Rather it uses stone pelting as a premise to get into the mindset of common Kashmiri people. It positions them differently from Indian nationalists and Kashmir separatists to bring out the tragedy of common people stuck between two extreme ideologies,” Somani, who has produced the film through, told PTI.

It revolves around a Kashmiri girl (played by Snower Sania Vasudev), who wants to pursue a career in medical science but below standard academia in her state forces her to leave for Delhi where she is faced with another ideological extreme.

Somani says he may not be from Kashmir but they have tried to stay as realistic and convincing as possible in the portrayal of the conflict.

“It took us a year to write and direct the short film,” he said, crediting his producers Epilogue Press in Jammu, for supporting in the research.

“This short film is a part of one big story we developed during research. We are waiting for the right people to collaborate and fund the project. But still there are a lot of other short films already in preparation, covering various issues ranging from Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Muslims, Armed forces, Police forces, Gurjar Bakarwals and many more,” he added.

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