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9 most popular types of Kashmiri YouTube channels you can follow today

Back in the days, Kashmiris would be confined to the mountains surrounding the conflict-ridden valley. Self-Expression about who Kashmiris were as individuals, was limited.

However, with the advent of the internet, Kashmiris have chosen social networking websites as a platform to amplify their voices, and express themselves.

While conflict remains a common topic, here is a list of 9 Genres of Kashmiri YouTubers you can find online:


Animation and voiceover: Initially, an application ‘Talking Tom’ (voice modulation) had gained popularity in the valley. Anything funny would become funnier with the voice of Talking Tom.

Soon, Xaid Films hit the internet, dubbing animations in Kashmiri. A Pampore teenager had started the channel, entertaining thousands of Kashmiris with his homemade funny animated videos.


Comedy/Skit: After Xaid Films, young Kashmiris from various districts of the valley started uploading humorous videos, tickling funny bones of fellow Kashmiris.

These days, the YouTubers use filming equipment, work in teams, write scripts and execute them on screen.

One among many channels is ‘Kashmiri Kalkharabs’ where funny posts on the day to day issues of Kashmiris can be watched.

Pertinently, the channel has 2,22,000 subscribers and has received a gift of appreciation from YouTube: a Silver Play button.

‘Kashmiri Rounders’, ‘Kashmiri Comedy Kings’, ‘Kashmiri Drama Baaz’ and J&K Fun Studio are few other channels producing comedy content on YouTube.

The channels also appeal to the people to take care of their rights by producing political content on issues like Article 35-A.


Music: While many Kashmiris upload traditional Kashmiri Music called Chakri on Youtube, Kashmiri professional singers and artists, fusing Kashmiri with Western Music, including Muneem Nazir, Yawar Abdal, Ali Saifuddin and many more have self published their content on YouTube.

This brings popularity to songs that young Kashmiris would not understand when sung in the form of Chakri.

The number of Kashmiri song listeners has increased, connecting young Kashmiris to their roots and making them fall in love with Kashmiri poetry.


Prank Calls: Recorded prank calls on Youtube are another source of laughter for Kashmiris.

One of the first prank calls to go viral on the internet here was ‘Tere Ko Kya’, a conversation between a Kashmiri boy and a girl.

While, not many funny Kashmiri prank calls can be found on Youtube, the ones that are there have gone viral.


Sports: Kashmir Sports Watch, a YouTube channel posts random sports videos of Kashmiris and non-Kashmiris.

Kashmir Wheelchair Basketball team also posts its videos on the internet, inspiring thousands to follow their passion.


News/Viral Videos: What sells the most in Kashmir is News. Video updates about the situation at various places in valley keep people hooked to YouTube channels of reputed local media.

Moreover, local Kashmiris also post such videos and gain subscribers online.

Inside Kashmir, Kashmir Prism, Kashmir News, Viral Kashmir and many more fall in the list.


Adventure: Promoting Kashmir tourism, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department keeps posting videos about health resorts in Kashmir.

However, locals (professional and amateurs) on a daily basis post videos having fun.

They cover season’s first snow and rainfall, autumn and summer. While ‘Bikers of Kashmir’ post stunt videos on Youtube.

Filmmakers like Ruman Hamdani gave the adventure in Kashmir a new, touching and professional angle.


Kashmir History: Staying connected to the roots is important. It becomes crucial when you are living in a situation where nothing is predictable.

While Kashmir History lacks documentation, many Kashmiris keep producing videos for masses to enlighten them about what Kashmir used to be like and what made it the way it is today.

Many channels upload content pertaining to the history of Kashmir, apart from other full fledged media organisations.


Food: Last but not least are Kashmiri food channels. While not many such Kashmiri channels exist, one can often find recipes for delicious Kashmiri food posted by Kashmiris as well as non-Kashmiris.


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