Police arrest missing Kashmiri student reported to have joined ISJK

The Jammu and Kashmir police have arrested Ehtisham Bilal, who was reported to have been seen with an ISJK flag in a picture that went viral on social media a month ago.

Ehtisham Bilal, went missing after being beaten up in Sharda University in Noida-NCR on 4 October, was seen with militant outfit, ISJK’s flag and an AK-47 in social media posts.

Police arrested him in Khanyar neighbourhood, where he resided.

Police officially announced his arrest and appealed for withholding his name.

Though no reason was cited for withholding the name, it is reportedly to make him lead a ‘smooth life after quitting militancy’.

A senior police official said he had not been detained. “We are human too. We support the parents of the young man. There is no case registered against him and he has been taken only for medical assistance required. The family members are with him,” the official said.

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