Women’s participation vital to ending conflict, ensuring long-lasting stability in Afghanistan, says UN

Tadamichi Yamamoto, the UN’s Special Representative and head of its mission in the country (UNAMA).

A top UN official, during a series of nationwide meetings focused on women, peace and security in Afghanistan, highlighted the importance of women’s participation as “vital to ending the conflict and ensuring long-lasting stability”, TOLONews reported.

The comments come during a time when gender-equality advocates are discussing how peace can be consistently secured, among which 30 stated that it was common for male family members to discourage or prohibit female participation in any activities outside the home, as per the report.

They stressed that by discriminating against women, and failing to respect, protect and promote their human rights, it limits women’s ability to participate in resolving Afghanistan’s conflict.

“Gender inequality continues to prevail in Afghanistan with regard to women’s participation in peace processes, despite the fact that women are as affected by the conflict as men,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the UN’s Special Representative and head of its mission in the country (UNAMA), on Tuesday.

In the gathering, known as the Global Open Days, he said that women “must be ready to actively participate in – and contribute to – the peace process, and they must be represented in the negotiating team and consultative bodies on peace.”

At the final meeting of the provincial Open Days consultations in Kabul, hosted by UNAMA and UN Women, participants highlighted challenges for women’s meaningful input in peace processes – as peacebuilders, activists, advocates, mediators and negotiators – as well as opportunities to amplify women’s voices and ensure they are at the negotiating table, the report stated.

“Not only does peace last longer when women lead and participate in peace processes, but also women have a right to participate in negotiating peace in Afghanistan,” said Aleta Miller, the UN Women Country Representative for Afghanistan. “No decisions on the future of Afghanistan should be made without the full participation of all citizens affected by that future, and no peace process will be complete and lasting without the direct involvement of women.”

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