Kashmir’s ‘Wall of Kindness’: ‘The best part is no one knows who gave and who took’

fpk photo/wasim nabi

Srinagar: The Bund in Lal Chowk, Srinagar, a ‘Wall of Kindness- Deewar-e-Meharbani’ has come up. The wall, painted red and white has hangers,  highlighting the black text message: Take if you need, hang if you have.

The wall was inaugurated two days back and is already full with charitable articles that strangers have hanged there.
Red FM Radio highlighted this work done by around 35 volunteers in Kashmir from Whoishussain, a global organisation aiming “to inspire individuals through the timeless example of Hussain (R.A), and the values he stood for; those of justice and dignity.”

This followed by a social media storm where people appreciated the act of kindness.

“It’s beyond religion. We do not represent a particular sect of a community. We represent people,” says a volunteer from the self-funded organisation.

The organisation appeals people to follow the concept and make such walls in their respective societies or institutions.

“We don’t want to be the only ones doing it. The best part about it is that no one gets to know who is giving the charity and who is taking it,” says a volunteer Sheezan adding, “It is what our religion also focuses on if you see it that way.”

The members keep making rounds of the spot to check its status. They say, “We take off the items at the night as it may rain. And surprisingly, today, when we went back to keep them, there were already clothes there. And by this time, some clothes have already been taken by the needy.”

The volunteers also informed that they keep a check on those people take more than they need.

The concept of the Walls of kindness has started in Iran, Tehran where the projects were volunteered by citizens. Taking its lead, many other countries like Pakistan also made walls of kindness.

“This is to inform that the organizers will soon put up transparent water-repellent curtains through which people can identify the stuff needed,” a volunteer Basit Ali writes in his Facebook post.

“Team who is Hussain is working on identifying some potential walls in public places where more and more people can donate and needy can take,” the post further reads.

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