Is there a race going on between Congress, BJP on how many Kashmiris they will get killed: PDP MP

Mir Mohammad Fayaz, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) parliament member on Thursday while speaking during a debate in the Indian Parliament asked whether there was a race between Congress and the BJP on how many Kashmiri they will get killed.

“The violence in Jammu and Kashmir has been mainly due to the people in Delhi,” he said adding, “Is there a race going on between you two (Congress and BJP) on how many Kashmiris you will get killed?” said Mir, while accusing the successive governments in New Delhi of the worsening of situation.

Saying that the state had decided to be with India, but “Kashmir is getting alienated from the country” due to the GoI’s policies.

Earlier, while addressing the Rajya Sabha, Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh said that had Hurriyat not shut their doors when the All Party Delegation came to meet them, Kashmir issue might have been resolved.

“A perception was being created that BJP doesn’t want to talk to Hurriyat. And then we asked people to go there (Kashmir) and have talks with them (Hurriyat). And when all party delegation went there to talk the doors were shut for them,” Singh said in Rajya Sabha, the upper house of parliament.

He also added that the Government of India was willing for an ‘unconditional dialogue’ and the same was conveyed to former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, when she was in alliance with the BJP.

“If they (Hurriyat) had agreed to talk, perhaps we could have found some or the other way (to resolve conflict), I had told the then CM Mehbooba Mufti that if they are willing to talk, our doors are also open, unconditionally.”

In May, last year, Mehbooba had urged Hurriyat to respond to the GoI’s appeal for talks. Singh had then said,” If Hurriyat is ready to come to the table for talks, we are ready for it. However, as on date, there is no indication from them to this effect.”

He had also said that New Delhi is ready to hold talks with Pakistan if it comes forward to hold talks. “To not welcome anyone who wants to talk, is not the right thing.”

Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley, while speaking in the Rajya Sabha had said that when history will give its verdict on role of Nehru and that of Mookerjee in Kashmir, Congress will feel the pain.

Mookerjee was opposed to the provision in the Constitution for a separate Jammu and Kashmir constitution.

Jaitley said his sacrifice “is a very unpleasant chapter of history” and asked Congress not to “gloss over sacrifices by people”.

“When history will give its verdict on the roles of Jawaharlal Nehru and Syama Prasad Mukherjee, you will feel the pain,” he said.


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