Artist and activist Mushaal Hussein Mullick paints Hiba in her ‘most painful tribute’

Artwork: Mushaal Hussein Mullick.

Artists and activist Mushaal Hussein Mullick shared her recent work on social media which depicts Hiba, an 18-moth-old Kashmiri who was partially blinded by Indian armed forces when they fired into there house in the south of Kashmir.

“My most painful tribute to the youngest pellets victim in the world,” Mullick wrote on Facebook while sharing her work.

Mullick’s work as an artist has revolved around ‘raw beauty and feminine mystique’.

She began painting as a child, and her current work is displayed at carefully selected exhibitions in Pakistan, donating proceeds of sales to charities supporting women’s causes.

She comes from a distinguished establishment family in Pakistan, where her father was a university professor and her mother a women’s leader of the Pakistan Muslim League.

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Mullick is married to Kashmiri pro-independence leader Mohammad Yasin Malik.

Her activism recently has revolved around Kashmir with her making statements in favour of the ‘freedom for Kashmir’, hitting the streets with banners and poster, and releasing statements on social media.

Hiba was hit by pellets, fired by the Indian armed forces which took away her vision, and rendered her partially blind.

Hiba’s father, Nisar Ahamed, had told Free Press Kashmir that the armed forces had fired tear gas canisters inside the compound of their house. The smoke had forced them to rush outside, where civilians were clashing with the Indian armed forces following a gunfight in the nearby village in Shopian district of south Kashmir,

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As soon as the family had opened the gate, they were showered with pellets. Hiba, who was in the arms of her mother was severely injured, and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Indian armed forces have used metal pellets on civilian in Kashmir which have killed over 100 and blinded thousands. Despite condemnations from human rights groups, Indian government continues to use these guns on civilians, even as they stand banned on animals. The guns have been used for hunting purposes as they cover a wide area when fired.


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