On Gandhi’s death anniversary, Hindu Mahasabha leader shoots his effigy, garlands Godse

As India is observing Martyrs’ Day to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary, Shakun Pandey, the national secretary of the extremist right wing outfit Hindu Mahasabha, shot at Gandhi’s effigy while garlanding his killer Nathuram Godse.

According to a report by Times Now, she shot at the effigy of Gandhi with an artificial gun and blood oozed from it. The incident took place in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

In a video, Pandey is seen aiming at the effigy before pulling the trigger, when she is stopped by the person behind the camera, who can be heard saying, “Chalana nahi. Abhi to photo session ho raha hai (Don’t shoot just yet. Right now it is the photo session).

After recreating Gandhi’s successful assassination, Pandey garlanded a statue of Godse, following which she distributed sweets among her supporters.

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While India hails Gandhi for his contribution to India’s freedom struggle, the Hindu Mahasabha has held him  responsible for the Partition that led to the birth of Pakistan.

Eight people, including Nathuram Godse, faced trial in court in connection with the Mahatma Gandhi murder case. Out of the five remaining accused, three of them – Gopal Godse, Madanlal Pahwa and Vishnu Ramakrishna – were sentenced to life imprisonment, while two of them – Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte – were sentenced to death.

Godse was hanged to death on 15 November 1949 at Ambala jail.

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