KCCI seeks compensation for Kashmiri traders whose stalls were gutted in Hyderabad exhibition

Srinagar: In a massive fire at an exhibition in Hyderabad, around 300 stalls of Kashmiri businesspersons were completely destroyed. People from across the board have come together to show their support to the traders. Business community and the parties across the political spectrum have sought help for those who faced losses.

Valley’s premiere trade body, The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) has expressed sorrow over the incident. In a statement KCCI said that, as per the reports the stalls of Kashmiri Dry fruits, Shawls, Leather goods were destroyed completely.

“Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad, President, KCC&I spoke to the Home Ministry of Telangana, Hyderabad Mr. Mohd. Mahmood Ali and he assured rehabilitation, compensation and full support to the effected traders and also extended the exhibition for further 15 days without any charges,” the statement said.

Authorities said a short-circuit at a ATM triggered the fire.

“All I can see is smoke and fire all around me. First, thought it was a just a small fire as there were only sparks but within minutes, it spread across to other shops,” a witness told the Times of India.

Meanwhile, both Peoples Democratic Party and National Conference has sought assistance for the traders.


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