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Fact Check: Death of baby due to burns or a rare disease which results in blood coagulation?

‘The condition can seem like a burn to a non-medico’

Srinagar: After a photo went viral on social media claiming that a baby had died due to burns and negligence when doctors placed a heater near the baby, the medical fraternity in Kashmir are yet again facing a social media campaign against them.

The post was shared, tweeted and retweeted by well-known personalities in the valley including Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti accusing the hospital of Medical Negligence.

The family of the baby girl reportedly hails from North Kashmir’s Kreeri, Baramulla. She was born at Noora Hospital, Zainakote from where she was referred to GB Pant Hospital as she had Hypoglycemia i.e., the low Glucose level in her body along with an alarming medical sign: her feet had turned blue.

Medical superintendent GB Pant Hospital, Dr Kanwaljeet says that the newborn had “peripheral cyanosis”, a condition which turns the skin dark due to internal health problems.

Many other doctors were also of the opinion that the baby was suffering from Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) and questioned the allegation that the doctors had used a blower.

At GB Pant Hospital, she was kept in the Intensive Care Unit. “The NICO is centrally heated with ACs and warmers in place. She was placed in an incubator which maintains the optimal temperature for the baby. Why would the doctors require a blower to keep her warm?” asks a Dr Masood Ul Hassan, Media Secretary, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK).

Dr Suhail Naik, a pediatrician and President of DAK says, “It will be ascertained by the case file. However, I am a neonatologist and when I saw the picture on Facebook, I could make out that the baby had sepsis and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), a rare disease.”

On accessing the case file, it was found that the baby in fact suffered from DIC due to which the skin looks like it is burnt.


DIC pertains to a condition in which blood clots form in the body, blocking small blood vessels. “It is a complicated case of sepsis. Basically, ganglions are formed in the limbs. The blood gets clotted in the limbs, stopping the blood flow and leading to swelling and discolouration of limbs. The condition can seem like a burn to a non-medico. It must have been a critical baby,” says Dr Naik.

Journalist Mufti Islah shared the case file of the baby confirming that the baby had died due to “multiple problems in her body.”

“Death is not due to burning. Certainly not,” he wrote in his tweet. The case file, according to Islah reveals that the premature baby was brought to GB Pant Hospital with a critical respiratory and multiple problems leading to DIC and eventually death.

Meanwhile, a probe has been ordered by the authorities. The CCTV footage might as well be checked to ascertain the truth.

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