‘Trump calls Nepal and Bhutan as Nipple and Button in U.S Intelligence briefing’

United States President Donald Trump, in a White House meeting with intelligence officials, mispronounced Nepal and Bhutan as ‘Nipple’ and ‘Button’ and stated that they were part of India, according to TIME magazine’s security correspondent John Walcott, who told news channel CNN TV anchor Brooke Baldwin on Monday.

According to Walcott, sources in the intelligence community are concerned that the president presents a national security risk because of his “willful ignorance” about international affairs and his refusal to listen to advice from his intelligence experts.

Walcott stated that multiple sources, of which include analysts and officials who are involved in the process of preparing the president’s classified intelligence briefings and presenting them, are concerned about  Trump’s apparent inability to concentrate on information, even with shortened briefing points and colorful visuals.

His sources stated that if Trump is provided facts that he does not agree with, he goes his own way.

“The real underlying concern is what might happen if the nation is suddenly hit with a real national security crisis out of the blue,” Walcott said on CNN. “How will the president respond?” Will Trump “stop and listen and think about that response first — or again, will he simply react on instinct?” he asked.

(With inputs from Huffington Post)

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