Budget session: CAG report shows NDA’s deal for 36 aircraft 2.86 percent cheaper than UPA deal, Rajya Sabha adjourned


The Rajya Sabha was adjourned on Wednesday by Chairman and Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu, who voice his dismay at the lack of business transacted in the house. This was the last day of the Budget session.

A Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report on Capital Acquisitions in Indian Air Force, in which included details of the Rafale deal, was tabled in the House. It showed that the NDA’s deal for 36 aircraft is 2.86 per cent cheaper than the deal which was negotiated by the UPA government, reported news agency PTI. The House passed the Motion of Thanks on President’s address, the interim Budget and the Finance Bill without debate.

It was expected that the House would take up other pressing issues such as the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2018, the Aadhaar and Other Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019. However, since the bills were not ratified by the members, they will be taken up again by the new Lok Sabha after the General Elections.

Meanwhile, the Lok Sabha will discuss a list of Bills including The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2019, The Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2018, and the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill, 2018.

Commenting on the CAG report on the Rafale Deal, Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley said that “the lies of the ‘Mahajhootbandhan’ stand exposed” by the CAG report on Rafale. “‘Satyameva Jayate’ – the truth shall prevail. The CAG Report on Rafale reaffirms the dictum.

How does democracy punish those who consistently lied to the nation?” he tweets. “2016 vs. 2007 terms – Lower price, faster delivery, better maintenance, lower escalation. It cannot be that the Supreme Court is wrong, the CAG is wrong and only the dynast is right,” Jaitley adds.

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