When Altaf Shah’s injury in Tihar Jail triggered rumours about Shabir Shah

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Rumours about ‘something bad’ happening in Tihar to incarcerated Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDF) chairman, Shabir Ahmad Shah, coincided with additional troop deployment in Sringar. This lead many to believe that Shah, had been assaulted, and he was feared to be dead.

Dr. Bilquees Shah, Shabir Shah’s wife, following disturbing rumours had said she went to Tihar Jail to see her husband but wasn’t allowed to meet him. She said that the officials there told her that it is Saturday a ‘holiday in the jail, therefore she can’t meet her husband’.

“I contacted my lawyer to get any information but he said that something has happened but doesn’t have any confirmation,” she had said. The denied meeting added to the fears and rumours.

However, as per sources, the rumour was spread after Hurriyat leader, Altaf Shah, was injured when a loose roof-tile fell on his head causing an injury to him.

The incident happened in the washroom, and Shah last spoke to his family a few hours back saying that he was fine.

Following the incident, incarcerated Kashmiris in Tihar got to know that, ‘Shah Sahab’ was injured, and a classic case of Chinese Whisper played itself out, leaving Kashmir on tenterhooks.

With panic already gripping the valley after the Pulwama Attack, the subsequent attack on Kashmiris in many parts of North India, additional troop deployment, fighter jets hovering in Srinagar skies, mass arrests, and government orders asking for hospital to ensure stocks of drugs, the incident only added to the chaos.

The rumour added to panic in the valley so much that the police was also forced to put out a clarification that nothing as rumoured has happened with Shabir Shah.

Altaf Shah’s daughter, Ruwa Shah put out a message on social media saying, “my father, Altaf Shah was injured yesterday in Tihar jail after a tile fell off the washroom wall and hit his head. This snowballed into a rumour about Shabir Shah because of the same surnames. ‬‪Shabir Sahab is fine. Altaf Sahab has got a minor injury.” ‬

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