We can now reclaim Kaaba as ShivaLing, says Subramanian Swami after OIC passes resolution for Babri Masjid to be rebuilt

Subramanian Swami, Rajya Sabha MP, and Former Union Cabinet Minister, who is from the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has said that Kaaba in Makkah should be reclaimed by India as a ShivaLing (The phallus of Shiva).

“I am happy that the OIC Secretariat has issued a statement that Babri Masjid should be re built on Ramjanmabhoomi. If the OIC does not disown this statement then Hindu can reclaim Kaaba as a Shivaling,” Swami said.

Hindus worship the the Shiva Ling, the phallus of the Hindu deity Shiva in Shaivism. It is a votary symbol revered in temples, smaller shrines, or as self-manifested natural objects.

The words by Swami that are bound to generate controversy, come after the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) passed a resolution which declared that the Babri Masjid should be built at the site where it was demolished.

The Babri Masjid was demolished by Right wing Hindu extremists of the Hindu Mahasabha, and members of the BJP.

1n 1992, the BJP mobilised Hindu extremists across north India to demolish the 16th century mosque in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh claiming that it was the spot of Ram’s JanmaBhoomi (where Ram had been born). The event saw the killing of over 2,000 people.

The court intervened and the dispute is current in the court, popularly known as the Ayodhya dispute.

The statement by Swami comes in the backdrop of OIC meet that was boycotted by Pakistan for not withdrawing the invitation to India, and was attended by India in what was termed as a ‘diplomatic win’.

However, after India’s Foriegn Minster Sushma Swaraj at OIC on March 2, said that India is fighting ‘terrorism and not any religion’, OIC in a sharply-worded statement following a resolution adopted by the influential grouping of 57 countries, hit out at India for what it called “intensified Indian barbarities since July 2016” and “illegal detentions and disappearances” in Jammu and Kashmir.

The events are taking place very close to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan where he said that Pakistan was a “dear country” to all Saudis and that the two countries “have walked together in tough and good times”.

Pertinently, the Saudi Crown Prince also visited India. However, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Adel al-Jubeir, said that the country supported the UN resolutions on Kashmir, while speaking about the de-escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan.


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