Mirwaiz can’t travel to Delhi ‘under prevailing conditions of hostility, threat to his safety’, says counsel in reply to NIA

Srinagar: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Monday in a written reply to the NIA regarding his summon has decided not to travel to New Delhi.

In his written reply according to his legal counsel ‘it was unwise for his client to travel to Delhi under the prevailing conditions of hostility wherein there is a threat to the personal safety of my client.’

“The notice (to Mirwaiz) appears to have been issued on the basis of fallacious assumptions and misinformation solely aimed at maligning the Mirwaiz-i-Kashmir, knowing his status and position, it appears to be the outcome of considerations other than the law. My client is not acquainted with the subject matter of FIR/NIA Crime No. RC 10/2017/NIA/DLI, referred to in the notice,” said his legal counsel in a written reply to NIA.

The reply further added, ““Mirwaiz is being victimized solely for his political views advocating the cause of Kashmir. This is evident through the vicious media campaign /trial carried on the basic of unsubstantiated and adhoc leaks of information from the investigative agency which has vitiated the atmosphere in India. This has also led to violent verbal and physical assault that Kashmiris are facing across India.”

Mirwaiz’s counsel, in the reply further added, “If the NIA wants to examine my client Mirwaiz Umar Farooq they can do so in Srinagar. He is willing to cooperate as he has nothing to hide. So having regard to the above, obviously there are a few serious and vital concerns, which are as follows:-

1. The security of my client in case your Agency insists that he travel to Delhi.

2.Resultant situation which may emerge in the Valley.

3.The possible disturbance of fragile situation for its obvious reason that the religious sentiments of the people of the state will be aggrieved.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq had been summoned by the National Investigation Agency on Saturday.

The summon read, “Whereas, it appears that you are acquainted with the circumstances of the case noted below, which is now under investigation by the NIA, New Delhi, you are hereby required to report before the undersigned at National Investigation Agency, Ministry of Home Affairs, Opposite CGO complex Lodhi Road, new Delhi on 11-02-2019 at 10:30 am for the purpose of your examination relating to the case,” said a notice, issued to the Mirwaiz by the NIA.

Pertinently, on 26 Feb last month, the NIA raided Mirwaiz’s residence at Nigeen and searched the premises for over six hours.

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The NIA is conducting investigations into an alleged funding case in the valley. Many Hurriyat leaders have been detained at New Delhi’s Tihar jail in the case.

Moreover, Government of India recently banned the socio-religious organization Jamaat-e-Islami and detained its top leadership. JKLF Chief Yasin Malik was also sent to Kot Balwal Jail, Jammu after he was booked under the Public Safety Act.

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