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New social media challenge #TrashTag encourages people to share selfies after cleaning public places

After weird social media trends where people would jump out moving cars, put ice cold water over their heads, and even eat detergent pods, a fresh challenge has come up which is far from harmful.

Following the #TenYearChallenge where people shared ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of themselves to compare how they have changed over the years, the new #TrashTag challenge is where people are sharing photos ‘before’ and ‘after’ they clean a public place of plastic trash.

Over the past few days #TrashTag challenge has been trending, encouraging young people to compete to fill as many trash bags as possible with trash.

Users across professions have participated in the challenge by identifying places that need cleaning and share selfies after cleaning the place up, also nominating their friends to take up the challenge.

Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, raised over $100 million for ALS research, the #TrashTag challenge is an example that is not harmful, and can end up doing some good.


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