China increasing troop movement, building roads, possibly a heliport in Doklam: Report

China has increased construction and troop movement near Bhutan and the Doklam plateau.

Latest satellite images in possession of the Print show at least 100 vehicles and a very large number of tents barely 2 km from the Doklam plateau.

According to the report, The PLA has increased its construction activities as the winter chill subsides and summer arrives. The reverse slope of the Doklam plateau is abuzz with movement, as it was throughout the winter.

“China has constructed many hard-standings, which can be used for storage, vehicle parking and troop accommodation, and even as a heliport,” the report said.

The report further said that one of the hard-standings has a four-bay garage measuring 25m x 40m, which could possibly be a hangar for helicopters, especially attack helicopters like the Z-10 or Z-19.

Any helicopter deployment here would require other support facilities, including refuelling and repairs. These will likely come up sooner than later.

A new road has also been constructed to the west of the Torsa river below the plateau. The road climbs up to the new hangar area over the ridge.


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