Woman dies after falling seriously ill post blood transfusion at SKIMS, hospital authorities deny negligence after family files case

Srinagar: A day after Sher-i-Kashmir Institite of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Hospital falsified the charges of medical negligence by family of Anjum Mir, she died in the hospital this evening. Anjum was transfused with 2 pints of blood at the hospital after she had passed blood with the stool on Match 29.

The next day, after being stable, she again had to be rushed to hospital after she had felt unwell and the doctors there had recommended another pint of blood transfusion.

“Blood was given by doctors from SKIMS blood bank. That blood was from another blood group, totally mismatching with her blood (O +ve). She is on the ventilator, almost 90 per cent dead declared by the doctor himself. One of the doctors verbally speaking with the kins admitted that the blood was mismatching,” says her family that has filed the medical negligence case in Soura Police Station.

After an inquiry, a probe report was filed by the hospital.

“There is no case of a mismatched transfusion, however, the patient seems to have got an anaphylactic reaction on transfusion of about 50 ml of blood on March 30 which was stopped immediately. The patient was treated for the same and responded well,” read the report.

However, it further reads, the patients had become unstable on the morning of March 31.

“We shifted her to the Intensive Care Unit where she was undergoing treatment. Post-transfusion blood investigations do not show any evidence of mismatched transfusion,” the report reads.

According to Medical Superintendent SKIMS Hospital, Dr. Farooq Ahmad Jan, Anjum had been diagnosed with liver disease, Hepatic Vein Cavernoma.

He pressed upon his earlier statements that there may have been some preservative or reagent to which the patient’s body reacted this way, which according to the medical professionals is rare.

“Anaphylactic reaction can happen to any patient. It can be the cause of her death. She died in the evening today. She has been taken to home,” Dr Jan told Free Press Kashmir.


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