NIA ‘pinpointing’ Hurriyat leaders for advocating Right to Self Determination, say European Parliament members

All Party Group European Parliament on Kashmir (APGK) on Saturday said they are convinced that Right for Self determination to Kashmiris should no longer be refused, reported the KNS.

They also added that the National Investigation Agency is ‘pinpointing’ Hurriyat leaders because they advocate for the Right to Self Determination.

“All Party Group European Parliament on Kashmir (APGK) are following intensively the politics in Kashmir. We are convinced that the right for self determination should no longer be refused for this Himalayas territory disputed between the two nuclear powers India and Pakistan,” the European parliamentarians said.

We have raised our voices – and will continue to do so – for a peaceful solution, they said.

The European Parliament has therefore adopted resolutions and reports, urging respect of human rights, rule of law and confidence building measures, reads the report.

The European parliamentarians said that “We have as well hosted conferences, where all parties involved in the conflict have participated. As India is heading this month towards general elections, we see signs, which are very disturbing-apparently to attract Hindutva voters.

The report highlighted:

1. UN resolutions and the European Parliament confirm the Kashmiri right for self determination. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has raised the stakes by  projecting this right to self-determination as “sponsored terrorism.”

2. On this pretext, the Indian armed forces use excessive force that lead to unlawful killings and a high number of injuries, many caused by pellet-firing shotguns.

3. Sections of the leadership of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), a joint political forum which is a stabilising factor in this conflict, have been arrested including Yasin Malik, chairman of the JKLF. The Jammu & Kashmir Public Safety Act will enable a detention of up to two years without any access to a judicial process.

4. The National investigation Agency of India (NIA) has pinpointed the APHC leaders for alleged “terror funding” simply because they advocate the right to self determination for the people of Jammu & Kashmir across the Cease Fire Line (CFL).

5. The NIA raided the residence of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq (APHC), and is asking him to present himself at the NIA office at New Delhi. The president and Vice president of APGK MEP Julie Ward and MEP Klaus Buchner respectively urged the Government of India not to pour more oil in the fire – and to abstain from any (purely electoral) accusations, harassment and detention of the moderate opposition in Kashmir.

Recently, the NIA sent a third summon to the Mirwaiz and assured that his security concerns will be taken care of.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, in a recent Friday sermon had said that New Delhi cannot intimidate Kashmiri by issuing summons. Mirwaiz was referring to the summon of the NIA which was issued to him asking him to present himself before the agency in New Delhi.

The chief cleric of Kashmir also added that Kashmiri will continue to seek peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute.

“Is seeking peaceful resolution of Kashmir terrorism,” Mirwaiz had asked.

Mirwaiz had been summoned by the National Investigation Agency earlier too. However, Mirwaiz added that he won’t go to New Delhi but give a written reply to the NIA .

In his written reply according to his legal counsel ‘it was unwise for his client to travel to Delhi under the prevailing conditions of hostility wherein there is a threat to the personal safety of my client.’

Earlier, Hurriyat (G) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani said that if NIA wants to question anyone, they can do it in the valley itself.

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