Fed up of Indians spitting paan at public places, Leicester city in UK puts up signs in Gujarati

Fed up of cleaning up after Indians, who keep spitting paan (beetle leaves and tobacco) across public places, Leicester city in the United Kingdom has decided to put up messages written in Gujarati, warning people of the fine for doing so.

Spitting paan has become so rampant there that the authorities have had to put up signboards for the Non Resident Indians.

The sign says that those found spitting paan on the street will be fined with £150 (roughly ₹13,000).

It is written in two languages: Gujarati and English, making it clear who the message is for.

According to Leicestireshire Police, the habit seemed to be more prevalent in the east section of the city, including areas like Spinney Hills and North Evington. Belgrave, which also has a high density of Indians, was also one of the affected places.

Paan stains are a mainstay and even a distinct feature of most public spaces in India. But with a growing Indian population, it seems homesick NRIs are taking the disgusting habit and its rebellious residue to foreign lands.

This is the third effort by the UK government to control the problem, with a fine having been levied previously in 2010 and 2014.

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