Need a combined comprehensive politico-military strategy in Kashmir, says former Army commander

Former Northern Army Commander Lt. Gen. Hooda on Sunday said that an ’empathetic approach towards and a clearly defined political objective is required in Kashmir to counter the anger, alienation and growing radicalisation in the valley.

According to a report in the Hindu, Hooda said, “Very often we had a separate political and military strategy towards Kashmir and that is why very often we hear that military has brought the security situation under control in Kashmir but politics has not followed. We need a combined and comprehensive politico-military strategy based on a political objective… I think we have not been able to give a well-crafted narrative to the people in the valley that we care.”

Terming the rise of China the biggest threat to India, Lt. Gen .Hooda said that strategic rivalry is a reality and it cannot be overcome by increasing trade. “We felt that we must clearly enunciate our core interests to China. And our core interests are the sanctity of our borders, our worries about terrorism, and our strategic interests in South Asia and the Indian Ocean, he said.

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